Cat. no.: TKN-274-FUKSJA-IT
Width 130
Color: fuchsia
Composition: 72% acetate silk; 28% viscose
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Cat. no.: TKN-274-FUKSJA-IT
We present beautiful CADY made of acetate silk.
It is a fleshy fabric with a high weight ( 300 g/m). Wonderfully layered natural material. Perfectly smooth, pleasant to the touch, soft, elastic, flowing, fabric with an elegant sheen. Thanks to its full naturalness, the fabric is very comfortable to wear and gives a feeling of coolness. It is suitable for evening dresses, skirts, but also overalls or loose pants.
Cady is considered one of the most noble as well as elegant types of fabric. Thanks to the special treatment of the fibers, although it is 100% natural, it does not crease. It is thick, flowing has a wonderful velvety texture.
From the slopes of Marina Rinal*i
Ideal material for distinguished evening gowns.
Made in Italy 🇮🇹
Dimensions10 cm


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